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The Millionaire Next Door : 17 Wealth Secrets Revealed - Wealth File #12


Have you heard about the millionaire next door? No? Well, he could be you.

According to Thomas J Stanley, wealth guru and best-selling author of "The millionaire next door", ordinary people can and do become millionaires all the time. They are absolutely ordinary people who don't necessarily do well in school, get a college degree, have a good job, or have any particularly special skills.

Instead, the people who become millionaires - and this includes young millionaires, women millionaires, millionaires with learning challenges, as well as all kinds of other people - all these people made one big change in their lives.

They changed the way they think.

Sound easy? Well, if it were, there'd be a lot more millionaires out there!

Changing the way you think might be one of the hardest things you ever do. It'll also be one of the best.

One of the most important ways you can change your thinking on your path to becoming the millionaire next door is about winning and losing. We have all been raised to be competitive in situations where somebody wins, and somebody loses. This means that a lot of people lose a lot of the time. If it happened to you often enough, you may just think of yourself as a loser.

The truth is, out in real life there is often more than enough to go around, and about a million ways to solve problems. We don't have to follow other people's rules to solve ours (except for the law, of course!) If you can catch yourself solving a problem by assuming that somebody has to lose - then it might be time to think again.

Wealth File #12
Rich people think "both".
Poor people think "either/or".

It is common for people to think "either/or". Can you afford to buy a dress, or new shoes? Can you get the next sales account, or can Johnson? Can you have your cake, or eat it?

The successful next door millionaire, or even better the one minute millionaire knows that cake is made for having, and eating too! Yes, she wants a dress, and yes, she wants shoes - and she looks for a way to make both of those things happen.

Not only does this approach mean that you win more... it means that everyone around you wins more too. Therefore you'll have more friends and allies, which will only help you on your road to wealth.

  • Get in the habit of thinking about how to create win-win situations. When you're faced with a choice, take a moment to say, "is there any way I could have both?"

  • Think about the way that money circulating in the economy benefits everyone whose hands it passes through. When you handle money, take a moment to respect the hundreds of people who will hold the same money and create value with it.

  • Imagine yourself becoming a role model for other people - as a person who is wealthy, generous, loving, and kind.

The millionaire next door knows that there's plenty for him and for others to go around. He spreads the wealth around and tries to share joy, too. His whole life is a win-win scenario. Or rather, your life.

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